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July 18, 2012
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       Pony POV: Peachy Pie

Hello, my name is Patricia Dugan Pie or Peachy Pie for short. I got my cutie mark when I discovered my love for peaches. I can make any sort of peach flavored treat from peach cobbler to peach milkshakes. I even have my own little peach tree orchid in my backyard! Although it's not as the Apple Family's apple orchid but that's to be expected. I mean they have a whole entire family working on their orchid and they've been doing it for generations! While I, on the other hoof, have only been working my own orchid for only a year and also I'm just one filly.

Hmmm? Am I related to Pinkie Pie? Yeah, she's my cousin, or to be more specific my dad is her dad's cousin, but I like to refer to her as my cousin instead of whatever the proper term is. As much as I admire cousin Pinkie, I stink at trying to be funny. For example, what do you call four Mexicolts in quick sand? Quattro Cinco! Get it? Because cinco sounds like sink… yeah, I told you I was bad. The only time I ever did something that I considered even remotely funny was when I and my friend Sunny Daze decided to rollerblade while reading poetry for the school talent show. Somehow we won the best drama act reward despite how ridiculous we probably looked, but that was only funny in cosmic sort of way.

Oh yeah, I should probably explain who Sunny Daze is. Sunny Daze is my best friend, and… eh? Is she related to Sunny Days? You mean that tabloid reporter? Not to my knowledge, and to be honest I can't stand that Sunny Days! She always writes those mean things about Princess Celestia… and why are you guys looking at me like that?

         Any way, back to Sunny Daze. As I was saying Sunny Daze is my best friend and she actually got her cutie mark before her older brother Shady Daze! Her special talent is… come to think of it, what is her special talent? I never thought to ask. She has a sun for a cutie mark, but she's an earth pony so surely she can't raise the sun like Princess Celestia…right? She seems pretty good at figuring out how much sunlight various plants need just from looking at them, so maybe that's it? But, anyway, Sunny Daze and I do practically everything together. We even got our cutie marks on the same day! And when we did our performance for the school talent show we each did half and half. Sunny Daze wrote the poetry for our performance (I'm actually surprised that she didn't get a poetry cutie mark), and as for me I never really had a mind for poetry so I provided the choreography for our rollerblading (it took forever to even teach Sunny the basics!). Oh, and by the way, my rollerblading skills could give Scootaloo and her scooter a run for her money. So yeah, Sunny and I are best friends who did everything together.

Or, at least, we did until the day of chaos which is what I think you actually wanted to know about. To make a long story short, basically that dragon snake chaos monster thing came to me disguised as some talking peaches and he said some things to me and tapped me on the forehead, and the next thing I knew I was sitting on my flank doing nothing but eating peaches. And I wasn't eating around the pits; I was eating the pits as well. And in case you didn't know, peach pits have cyanide in them! I knew that, I knew that I was in danger of poisoning myself but for whatever reason I couldn't stop. I just sat there eating whole peaches as everything around me went into chaos. I saw Apple Bloom turn into some kind of zombie and Ruby Pinch was running crying about something. And then I saw Sunny Daze, she was being chased by a ray of sunlight that was burning everything it touched. She saw me and she screamed, "Peachy, help me!" I just sat there and said, "I'm busy eating these peaches. I'll help you later." Can you believe that? My best friend was in mortal danger and I told her I was too busy eating peaches. What kind of a lousy friend was I?

Anyway Discord was finally turned back to stone, but didn't mean everything was okay. Both Sunny and I ended up in the hospital. Me, because of the cyanide from all those pits that I ate, and Sunny because of the burn marks she got. We were right next to each other in the hospital, but for the first time in our lives we weren't talking to each other and were even avoiding each others eyes. Not that I blame her after I just ignored her when she was in peril. The psychological healing took a while. It eventually got to the point that I was able to eat peaches again, but I was still too disgusted by the pits to save them and plant them into new peach trees. Sunny, from what I understand, had to be convinced that Princess Celestia wasn't trying to hurt her.

Then came Princess Gaia and her fog. When Ms. Cheerilee led us into that fog I admit I had no idea what was going on. And then I saw myself as a successful peach farmer with an orchid as big as Sweet Apple Acres! I was disappointed when I found out the whole thing wasn't real, but at the same time I was actually happy again. The next day I decided to try to talk to Sunny Daze again. I was telling her how great I thought Fluttershy was for everything she did as Princess Gaia. Sunny disagreed with me. I was surprised not because she didn't think Princess Gaia was great, but because she was actually talking to me. She told me that it wasn't right for Fluttershy to mess with people's heads like that, and the next thing I knew we were debating whether Princess Gaia was right or wrong. And I was happy, I mean, yeah we were arguing with each other, but it wasn't one of those at each others throats sort of argument. It was just a quiet debate between friends that eventually led to chats about other stuff. But I promise that I will never choose material things over my best friend ever again. I'm finally free.
This is a recursive fanfiction set in the Pony POV series by [link]

This is my first shot at writing a fan fic, so go easy on me if you don't like it.

This is now part 1 of a trilogy based on the id, ego, and superego. Peachy Pie represents the id.

Character Bio:Peachy Pie is a distant cousin to Pinkie Pie. As such she is just as cheerful as her cousin. She has an obsession with peaches. She can be a little mischeavous at times. Her best friend is Sunny Daze. At some point in her future (or a potential future anyway) she will be a successful peach farmer and married to Shady Daze.

Next: [link]

Third Part: [link]
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:iconalexwarlorn:… This story has been added to the recursive theater.
Really? Cool, I wasn't expecting that.
Don't thank me, thank Kendell2, he was the one who wrote the ponies reviewing your work.
You're now mentioned on Pony POV Series' TV Tropes page.
VERY good work, you did a good job of showing with language it was from a child's POV.
To anyone who's interested I've written a sequel to this fanfic based around Sunny Daze. [link]
Also Sunny Daze is from the name of a pony from the G3 verse. Making her an unwitting survivor of the end of the world.
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